Telone New Area Codes

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s primary fixed-line telephone provider since independence, underwent a significant upgrade in 2018 to enhance and expand its network capacity. This update included changes to the area codes across the country, marking a departure from the longstanding system in place. While adjusting to the new system may take some time, it offers improved functionality and efficiency.

The updated area codes now feature a three-digit code accompanied by a prefix ranging from one to four additional digits, streamlining the communication process. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive comparison of the old and new area codes for reference and ease of use.

City/TownOld Area CodeNew Are CodePrefixNew number Example
Harare040242(024) 2xxxx (Existing Number)
Ruwa0273213(024) 213xxxx (Existing Number)
Norton062212(024) 212xxxx (Existing Number)
Arcturus0274214(024) 214xxxx (Existing Number)
Beatrice065212(024) 212xxxx (Existing Number)
Birchenough Bridge0248027203(027) 203xxxx (Existing Number)
Checheche03172317(027) 2317xxxx (Existing Number)
Chimanimani026205(027) 205xxxx (Existing Number)
Chipangayi0242046(027) 2046xxxx (Existing Number)
Chipinge00272043(027) 2043xxxx (Existing Number)
Mutare02002021(020) 21xxxx (Existing Number)
Penhalonga02024(020) 24xxxx (Existing Number)
Odzi0204200(020) 200xxxx (Existing Number)
Hauna0228026209(026) 209xxxx (Existing Number)
Juliasdale029208(026) 208xxxx (Existing Number)
Nyanga03292098(026) 2098xxxx (Existing Number)
Murambinda021025206(025) 206xxxx (Existing Number)
Nyazura025832055(025) 2055xxxx (Existing Number)
Headlands02582206(025) 206xxxx (Existing Number)
Rusape0225205(025) 205xxxx (Existing Number)
Bindura0271066210(066) 2106xxxx (Existing Number)
Centenary057210(066) 210xxxx (Existing Number)
Concession0375219(066) 219xxxx (Existing Number)
Glendale0376218(066) 218xxxx (Existing Number)
Mazowe0275219(066) 219xxxx (Existing Number)
Christon Bank219(066) 219xxxx (Existing Number)
Miunt Darwin0276212(066) 212xxxx (Existing Number)
Mvurwi0277216(066) 216xxxx (Existing Number)
Guruve058217(066) 217xxxx (Existing Number)
Shamva03712137(066) 2137xxxx (Existing Number)
Darwendale0690672192(067) 2192xxxx (Existing Number)
Raffingora06672198(067) 2198xxxx (Existing Number)
Mutorashanga06682196(067) 2196xxxx (Existing Number)
Trelawney0672136(067) 2136xxxx (Existing Number)
Chinhoyi067521(067) 21xxxx (Existing Number)
Murombedzi060215(067) 215xxxx (Existing Number)
Mhangura066214(067) 214xxxx (Existing Number)
Banket0261214(067) 214xxxx (Existing Number)
Kariba0264061214(061) 214xxxx (Existing Number)
Karoi063214(061) 214xxxx (Existing Number)
Makuti06372141(061) 2141xxxx (Existing Number)
Chirundu0682140(061) 2140xxxx (Existing Number)
Kadoma05306821(068) 21xxxx (Existing Number)
Chegutu0688215(068) 215xxxx (Existing Number)
Chakari06872189(068) 2189xxxx (Existing Number)
Sanyati0628216(068) 216xxxx (Existing Number)
Selous037921(068) 21xxxx (Existing Number)
Macheke03790652080(065) 2080xxxx (Existing Number)
Wedza027923(065) 23xxxx (Existing Number)
Murewa0222208(065) 208xxxx (Existing Number)
Mutoko027821(065) 21xxxx (Existing Number)
Masvingo0272213(065) 213xxxx (Existing Number)
Jerera0390392(039) 2xxxx (Existing Number)
Nyaningwe034234(039) 234xxxx (Existing Number)
Mataga03372380(039) 2380xxxx (Existing Number)
Mberengwa05172366(039) 2366xxxx (Existing Number)
Gutu05182360(039) 2360xxxx (Existing Number)
Mashava030230(039) 230xxxx (Existing Number)
Nyika035245(039) 245xxxx (Existing Number)
Zvishavane03382323(039) 2323xxxx (Existing Number)
Chatsworth051235(039) 235xxxx (Existing Number)
Chiredzi03082308(039) 2308xxxx (Existing Number)
Triangle031031(031)2200xxxx (Existing Number)
Rutenga033233(031)233xxxx (Existing Number)
Ngundu0142337(031)2337xxxx (Existing Number)
Bulawayo0362370(031)2370xxxx (Existing Number)
Tsholotsho090292(029)2xxxx (Existing Number)
Nyamanddlovu02872861(029)2861xxxx (Existing Number)
Turkmine03872821(029)2821xxxx (Existing Number)
Shangani02852803(029)2803xxxx (Existing Number)
Esigodini0502802(029)2802xxxx (Existing Number)
Aobab02882800(029)2800xxxx (Existing Number)
Binga028108128(081)28xxxx (Existing Number)
Dete0152847(081)2847xxxx (Existing Number)
Hwange0182835(081)2835xxxx (Existing Number)
Jotsholo028928(081)28xxxx (Existing Number)
Lupane03982875(081)2875xxxx (Existing Number)
Victoria Falls0132856(081)2856xxxx (Existing Number)
Beitbridge0286 2-(083)2xxxx (Existing Number)
Figtree0283 23(085)23xxxx (Existing Number)
Kezi02820892804(089)2804xxxx (Existing Number)
Matopos03832807(089)2807xxxx (Existing Number)
Plumtree02192809(089)2809xxxx (Existing Number)
Filabusi0172805(089)2805xxxx (Existing Number)
Collen Bawn0542801(084)2801xxxx (Existing Number)
Gwanda02842835(084)2835xxxx (Existing Number)
West Nicholson01628(084)28xxxx (Existing Number)
Weru0542808(084)2808xxxx (Existing Number)
Shurugwi0520542(054)2801xxxx (Existing Number)
Mvuma032252(054)252xxxx (Existing Number)
Lalapanzi054832532(054)2532xxxx (Existing Number)
Chivhu0562548(054)2548xxxx (Existing Number)
Kwekwe055212(054)212xxxx (Existing Number)
Redcliff05505525(055)25xxxx (Existing Number)
Battle Fields05525(055)25xxxx (Existing Number)
Gokwe059259(055)259xxxx (Existing Number)
Nkayi05582558(055)2558xxxx (Existing Number)
Munyati05572557(055)2557xxxx (Existing Number)



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