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Ronald Mupita

Address 17 Union Street, Kadoma Zimbabwe Tel: +2636821232956
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Ronald Mupita graduated with the University of Zimbabwe in the year 2010 as a Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer and Notary Public. He is a young, focused, passionate and highly ambitious lawyer with the aptitude for problem solving. He is a sociable, inquisitive and judgmental lawyer who is able to figure out things and draw conclusions from what is placed before him for solution. Ronald has worked for different law firms to include James Makiya Legal Practitioners, Dhliwayo and Associates as well as Mapaya and Partners. Due to the diversity of the areas of practice in the law firms he practiced, Ronald further earned further skills to include exceptionally well organized management skills as well as a professional approach to his duty chores at work. He thus leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit for positive results, new initiatives and quality assurance to clients. Ronald also worked as a Legal Administrator at Emirates Security Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he had exposure to administrative skills, program development, management skills and empathy for other nationalities. Due to such an exposure to an international working environment, Ronald has highly earned himself the ability to network with clients based both at home and abroad.
Back home, Ronald’s sphere of interest is in both criminal and civil Law. Being a lawyer with the aptitude for problem solving, Ronald demonstrates creativity, client care, good communication skills, excellent research skills as well as responsiveness to legal issues placed before him. Ronald is more or less of an inhouse lawyer who excels in legal drafting. He also exhibits the logical thinking ability, good judgment and perseverance in family law related issues.

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