Lease Agreement

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  • Thank you for posting a lease agreement form, I have a question, can a lease agreement be amended to include rented facility rules or else a checklist showing the state or conditions of property within

    • Correct. What you have been given is just a guide, or the skeleton of main necessary things, or generally known issues

  • To whom it may concern
    I am a landlord and experiencing confusion on the law in Zimbabwe regarding an illegal tenant pTam(not on the lease agreement) claiming that they where paying rentals to the legal tenant (who has left the premises)without my knowledge. We told them they have to leave immediately. They reported me to the ministry of housing. The ministry of housing are saying that it is our fault for not checking the property for extra tenants and we have to give her notice and she is to pay only half the rentals. Please can you give me some advice on this matter. Thank you in advance

    • What you were told is right. In fact, did you know that Government itself has to give squatters a NOTICE to vacate??? Consider your tenants as squatters, but you still need to give them NOTICE

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