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Zimbabwe Investment Authority (General) Regulations 2007 (Statutory Instrument 160 of 2007)

Statutory Instrument 160 of 2007

Zimbabwe Investment Authority (General) Regulations,2007

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Industry and Inter national Trade has, in terms of section 33 of the Zimbabwe Investment Authority Act [Chapter 14:30] and after consultation with the Zimbabwe Investment Authority, made the following regulations:—


These regulations may be cited as the Zimbabwe Investment Authority (General) Regulations, 2007.

2. Interpretation

(1) In these regulations—

“form” means the appropriate form set out in the First Schedule.

3. Application for licence

(1 An application for an investment licence shall be made on form ZIA 1 and shall be accompanied by— (a)          the appropriate non-refundable fee specified in the Second Schedule; and (b)          in the case of a company—

  • a certified copy of the memorandum of association or other constitution of the business; and
  • a certified copy of the articles of association or other rules for the conduct of the business; and
  • a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation; and

(c) any relevant documents in support of the project proposal; (d)         any other documents as may be requested by the Authority.

(2) An investment licence shall be issued in’ form ZIA 2 and upon payment of the appropriate fee specified in the Second Schedule

4. Renewal of investment licence

An application for the. renewal of an investment licence shall— (a)        be made, on form ZIA 1;

(b) be made at least 3 months before the expiry of such licence; and (c) be accompanied by the appropriate fee specified in the Second Schedule.

5. Implementation period

  • An investor shall begin to implement a project for which a licence has been issued by the Authority within a period of six months from the date of issue of the licence or within such specified longer period as the Authority may, for good cause shown in writing by the investor, allow.
  • The Authority may suspend, withdraw or cancel a licence if the investor fails to comply with subsection (1).
  1. Validity of licence

An investment licence shall be valid, for a period to be determined by the Authority.

7. Records to be kept by investment licence holder

Every licenced investor shall keep at his or her place of business such of the following as may be appropriate to his or her business—

  • a stock book in which shall be entered the quantity and description of all raw materials used for manufacturing purposes, the quantity and description of semi-finished products, and the manner of their disposal;
  • a stock book for recording particulars of waste materials resulting. from any manufacturing process undertaken by the. investor;
  • books of accounts, invoices, customs permits and other documents connected with the manufacturing operations; and
  • a record of the quantity of goods lost as a result of evaporation, spillage, leakage, or other causes.

(2) Every investor shall produce on demand at any reason able time for the inspection of an officer of the Authority, the books, records and documents referred to in subsection (1), and shall allow such officer to make copies or take extracts therefrom, for the Authority’s own record or reference.

8. Returns to be submitted to Authority

(1) Every licenced investor shall submit quarterly and annual returns in such form as the Authority may determine, furnishing details of any or all of the following—

  • all raw materials received at the place of manufacture during the preceding three months to which a quarterly return relates;
  • the quantity c production of semi-finished and finished products, including by-products and their releases for local consumption and for export;
  • the quantity of waste stocks and the manner of their disposal;
  • the quantity of loss through spillage, evaporation and other causes; and
  • the balance of all raw materials, and semi-finished and finished products (including by-products) stocked at the place of manufacture as at the close of business on the last day of each quarter; and (f) any other information as may be determined by the Authority.
  • The Authority shall treat as confidential all information obtained under subsection (1).
  • The Authority may cancel, suspend or withdraw an investor’s licence where he or she fails to comply with section 7 and 8 of these regulations.



In accordance with section 2(2) of the Interpretation Act [Chapter 1:01], notice is hereby given that the undermentioned forms may be inspected or obtained free of charge from the office of the Zimbabwe Investment Authority, Investment House, No. 109, Rotten Row Road, Harare, or at any office of the Investment Authority of Zimbabwe:

Form                                                                                         Reference

Application and renewal of investment licence                               ZIA 1

Investment Licence                                                                    ZIA 2


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