Surrogacy in Zimbabwe

The article provides an overview of surrogacy in Zimbabwe, highlighting the absence of a legal framework to govern surrogacy agreements and the associated risks. It explores the definition of surrogacy, different types of surrogacy arrangements, and contrasts commercial and altruistic surrogacy. The discussion delves into landmark surrogacy cases in the USA, such as the Baby M case, illustrating the legal complexities surrounding surrogacy arrangements in the absence of clear legislation.

Notarial General Covering Bonds (NGCBs)

The article discusses the shift away from Notarial General Covering Bonds (NGCBs) towards the Movable Property Security Interests Act in Zimbabwe, highlighting how this change impacts financial inclusion and access to credit.

Public Private Partnerships

Explore the challenges facing public-private partnerships (PPPs) for infrastructure development in Zimbabwe, including legal and policy frameworks, historical perspectives, and current obstacles such as poor creditworthiness, capacity constraints, high country risk, corruption, and lack of infrastructure maintenance culture.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts in Zimbabwe DEFINING REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUSTS (REITs) Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are regulated investment vehicles that enable collective investment in real estate. Investors pool their funds and invest in a trust that is divided into units, with the intention of earning profits or income from real estate, as […]

A Sectional Title Developer’s role

The Role of Developers in Sectional Title Developments

The Role of Developers in Sectional Title Developments INTRODUCTION The rapid growth of sectional title developments in Zimbabwe has opened the door for developers to explore new opportunities in property development and to reap considerable profits in the expanded real estate market. Increased security, affordability and the communal lifestyle are all alluring aspects when potential […]