The Labour Amendment Act of 2023: A Summary

Explore the significant changes introduced by the Labour Amendment Act of 2023, designed to enhance employee protections and align Zimbabwean labour laws with international standards. Learn about provisions addressing violence and harassment, forced labour, gender discrimination, termination of employment, retrenchment procedures, maternity leave, hourly work contracts, educational leave, dispute resolution, employment codes of conduct, and the employment of young persons. Stay informed to ensure compliance, maintain ethical operations, and foster a positive work environment.

Wills Simplified

Delve into the complexities of wills in Zimbabwe, breaking the cultural taboo surrounding death and estate planning. Learn about the requirements for writing a will, who can benefit from it, and the legal formalities involved. Discover the significance of proper estate planning to ensure a seamless transition of assets and affairs after one’s passing.

Warehouse Receipts Act

Delve into the Warehouse Receipts Act and Regulations, examining their influence on agricultural commodity trading in Zimbabwe. Discover the registration and licensing processes for warehouse operators and persons, storage standards, negotiability of receipts, and the transformative role of the Zimbabwe Mercantile Exchange (ZMX) in fostering financial inclusion.